Our Contributors We are proud to have qualified contributors from various different kids ministry backgrounds

Alex WarrenAlex Warren

Alex Warren currently works at North Highland Church in Columbus, Ga. Previously, she served in the Georgia Children’s Department and as Children’s Pastor at Centerville Community Church. She has always had a heart for Children’s Ministry. Alex believes doing Children’s Ministry well means putting forth the same about of commitment and passion that is deserved in any ministry.

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Barbara MorganBarbara Morgan

Barbara Morgan has a heart for girls and missions. She has served as a Girls Ministries Rep for 10 years and as the Georgia GM Missions Co-coordinator for 5 years. In 2013 Barbara and Patty Allen started a business, "Stitch of Hope" to raise funds for missions.

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Brian DollarBrian Dollar

Brian began in Ministry in 1992. He has served at two churches, The Oaks Fellowship (Dallas, TX 1992-1999) and First NLR (North Little Rock, AR 1999 – Present). He loves kids, Kidmin Leaders, and everything that involves leading children in their spiritual journey!

Brian founded High Voltage Kids Ministry Resources in 1998, which creates and provides Kids Church Curriculum, Music, Games, Videos, and more to churches around the world. highvoltage-kids.com

Brian has had the privilege of speaking at many Kidmin Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, etc. He has a passion for passing on what God has enabled him to learn from his years of ministry and learning from other Kidmin Leaders! He is the author of “I Blew It!”, a Kidmin Leadership book that helps others avoid the biggest mistakes in Kids Ministry.

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Dale HudsonDale Hudson

Dale Hudson has been in Children's Ministry for over 27 years. He has helped build some of the largest children's ministries and churches in the nation.

Dale has co-authored seven books including 100 Best Ideas to Turbocharge Your Children's Ministry, 100 Best Ideas to Turbocharge Your Preschool Ministry, Children's Ministry in the 21st Century, Sunday School That Works, the ChurchLeaders.com Top 100 book and If Disney Ran Your Children's Ministry.

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Dan AndersonDan Anderson

Dan Anderson serves as the Southeast Regional JBQ Coordinator for the past three years, as well as the Pen Florida District JBQ coordinator. He is a retired children’s pastor after 12 years of ministering to children. Dan has been married for 33 years and has four grown sons and two grandkids.

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David ClymerDavid Clymer

David Clymer is currently the Children’s Pastor at Christ Chapel in Warner Robins, Georgia. He and his wife, Jennifer, have 3 children. He has a love for Children’s Ministries and Missions. He has worked as a bi-vocational children’s pastor for over 12 years, as he is also a Computer Software Developer.

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Dwayne RinerDwayne Riner

Dwayne is the head writer for Equip KidMin curriculum, he has been in children’s ministry for over two decades.

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Gay WallGay Wall

Gay Wall serves as the Georgia Assemblies of God Children’s Ministries Director. There are five ministries under this umbrella: Children’s Ministries, Girls Ministries, Royal Rangers, BGMC, and JBQ Gay has been the director for over 10 years, helping grow children’s ministries programs in Georgia. Along with children, she has a strong passion for missions evidenced through the Assemblies of God BGMC giving, where she has helped raise over $1.8 million. This is money that goes directly toward reaching critical needs throughout the world.

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John HicksJohn Hicks

John has been involved in Royal Rangers since 1975 and has served as a leader in the local outpost and in various organizational leadership positions for over twenty-five years. John joined the national Royal Rangers team as communications coordinator in June 2005. In July 2010, John moved into his present role as programs coordinator where he oversees the development of Royal Rangers curriculum and program materials, including TRaCclub, the Royal Rangers online curriculum.

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Karl FleigKarl Fleig

Karl S. Fleig serves as the national director of Royal Rangers. Prior to his present position, he served the Indiana District Council as the Christian Education and Men’s Ministries director for thirteen years. He has also pastored in Indiana, Illinois, and Texas. Karl and his wife, Cindy, have a daughter and two sons.

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Linda KardamisLinda Kardamis

I believe that when God calls us to teach, He promises the strength & wisdom to do it well. All we need to do is keep learning, growing, and depending on Him. I'm here to provide practical advice and Biblical encouragement so you'll have the confidence and perspective to not only inspire your students but reach their hearts as well.

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Mandy GrootMandy Groot

Mandy passionately believes in the importance of mentoring girls and future generations. She and her husband, Tom, served as ministry leaders in Ohio for over 20 years, where most recently, Mandy served as the district director for Ohio Girls Ministries. In January 2015, she became national Girls Ministries director. Her heart is to equip leaders and direct churches to resources that help reach girls in their community for Jesus.

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Megan HoustonMegan Houston

Megan was immensely involved with the AG Girl’s Ministries, graduating as a Gold Medal and Honor Star. She is currently enrolled at UGA, with hopes of completing her masters in Dietetics and a minor in Nutrition Science. She is also an active part of the Navigators Christian group at UGA. She still has a heart for Girls Ministries, knowing what an impact it made on her life.

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Phillip Aaron WallPhillip Aaron Wall

Phillip “Aaron” Wall has worked in marketing for 10 years. He has provided marketing services for the Georgia National Fair, Group One Automotive, Houston Healthcare, OrthoGeorgia, along with many other industries.

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Phillip Wall Sr.Phillip Wall Sr.

Phillip is a graduate of Southeastern University located in Lakeland, Florida. He has been an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God for more than thirty‐five years, which twenty of those years he served as a lead pastor in Georgia. In 1999, he began working in the Georgia Assemblies of God District office as the Church Ministries Director.

Since then Phillip has served as the Church Plant/Church Health Director and in 2009, he began serving as the Georgia Assemblies of God Secretary‐Treasurer. Phillip’s heart is to help the local church become healthy so that the church can have a God influence on its community.

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Ron EdmondsonRon Edmondson

As pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church, a church leader and the planter of two churches, I am passionate about planting churches, but also helping established churches thrive. I love assisting pastors and those in ministry think through leadership, strategy and life. My specialty is organizational leadership, so in addition to my role as a pastor, as I have time, I consult with church and ministry leaders.

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Roxanne WinnRoxanne Winn

Roxanne serves as the administrator for Equip Kidmin children’s ministry and oversees the check-in procedures and volunteers for all children’s areas.

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Scott BerkeyScott Berkey

Scott Berkey serves as Children’s Pastor at Victory Worship Center in Tucson, AZ. Prior to arriving in Tucson, Scott served as the National Director of Children’s Ministry for the Assemblies of God. He currently serves as a consultant and field-based representative for the Assemblies of God and My Healthy Church.

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Stephanie CokerStephanie Coker

Stephanie Coker had been involved with Junior Bible Quiz as a parent of four quizzers and as a coach for the past seven years. She and her husband, Mark, passionately believe in family discipleship using JBQ as a launch pad for teaching kids how to think, live, and believe as Christ-followers in an increasingly secular world. Stephanie has coached teams who have competed at the National JBQ Tournament. In addition to teaching and coaching, she has earned the individual achievement awards and is writing a Sunday school curriculum to use in conjunction with JBQ.

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