Questions That Answer Who We Are


  1. What is the Five on Ten Magazine?

    Five on Ten is an online magazine for Children Ministries Leaders.  It provides practical and effective information in a quick and easy to read format.

  2. What does Five on Ten mean?

    Our monthly email will send out “FIVE” of articles on the “TENTH” of every month. So you get “FIVE on TEN”.

  3. Who writes for Five on Ten Magazine?

    We have contributors from all over the nation, some original content and some that we found relevant which we link back to the original source.  Our contributors have wide-ranging  experiences in Children’s Ministries, leadership, teaching, and communication.

  4. Who created the Five on Ten Magazine?

    Five on Ten was developed by the Georgia Assemblies of God Children’s Department.

  5. Can I submit an article or idea?

    Five on Ten is always looking for fresh ideas, articles, and videos. If you want to submit something please contact us here.

  6. What different areas of Children’s Ministries does Five on Ten cover?

    Kids Ministries – Tips and information to help you with your kids ministry.
    Girls Ministries – Focused on girls. More specifically the AG curriculum which includes Daisy’s, Prims, Girls Only, & Stars.
    Royal Rangers – The AG curriculum that is activity-based, small-group church ministry for boys.
    BGMC – Missions that relate to the Assemblies of God, Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge.
    JBQ – Assemblies of God program called Jr Bible Quiz.

  7. What is Just For Fun?

    Just for fun is our lighter side that might not have anything to do with your ministry, it’s just for fun.

  8. How often does the Five on Ten Magazine post new material?

    On the 10th of every month.

  9. What is the best way to follow Five on Ten?

    You can find Five on Ten on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or sign up for our monthly email.