5 Ways You Can Help Girls Unlock Their Full Potential

Girls everywhere deal with things like insecurity, difficult family situations, friendship struggles, and so much more. What would it look like if we could help meet their needs head-on instead of reacting to issues later? Our girls are exploding with untapped potential, and we have the ability to help prepare them to discover God’s purpose for their lives.

Girls are very complex, but they all have similar needs. Here are some things girls need in their lives and ways we can help them become the young women God created them to be.

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This article was originally published on kids.healthychurch.com

Mandy Groot
Mandy passionately believes in the importance of mentoring girls and future generations. She and her husband, Tom, served as ministry leaders in Ohio for over 20 years, where most recently, Mandy served as the district director for Ohio Girls Ministries. In January 2015, she became national Girls Ministries director. Her heart is to equip leaders and direct churches to resources that help reach girls in their community for Jesus.



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