5 Ways to Encourage Missions Awareness In Kids

As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”. It is important to begin teaching missions NOW, while they are young. The life-long impact on missions can be incredible if kids start missions giving habits early. Missions is an exercise in servant-hood. Involving children at every age is a big plus in making the transition to leadership a natural one.

Think fun, excitement and servant-hood. Look for ways your kids can get actively involved in missions. Most of all, pray your kids will develop a heart that mirrors God’s compassion for the nations.  Be sure and list your ideas in the comments below!

Barbara Morgan
Barbara Morgan has a heart for girls and missions. She has served as a Girls Ministries Rep for 10 years and as the Georgia GM Missions Co-coordinator for 5 years. In 2013 Barbara and Patty Allen started a business, "Stitch of Hope" to raise funds for missions.
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