5 Things To Remember When Leading A Creative Team

Ten years ago, when I first began creating High Voltage Kids Ministry curriculum, I remember being scared to death. I had never tried ANYTHING like this before and had put it off for many years already. You see, I had felt God leading me in this direction but wasn’t willing to take the leap. When I finally decided to jump, I assembled a team of 10 of my best leaders in a room, and we proceeded to craft the very first High Voltage release, “Got Questions?” It was a wonderfully collaborative process, and the end product was amazing.

When it came time to work on the second series, “BUGS”, I took a radically different approach. I sat down in front of a computer and tried coming up with everything on my own – start to finish. I wrote the lessons, the games, the video scripts, etc. It took 4 times as long, and it was an excruciatingly painful process. I realized through that experience – creativity flows much easier when it is done in community.

Now, every time we set out to do a new curriculum series (which is about every 6-8 weeks at this point), I assemble a Creative Team to help with the process. I thought I would share some of the lessons I have learned as I have worked with my Creative Teams for the past 10 years.

When Working With A “Creative Team”

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Brian Dollar
Brian began in Ministry in 1992. He has served at two churches, The Oaks Fellowship (Dallas, TX 1992-1999) and First NLR (North Little Rock, AR 1999 – Present). He loves kids, Kidmin Leaders, and everything that involves leading children in their spiritual journey!

Brian founded High Voltage Kids Ministry Resources in 1998, which creates and provides Kids Church Curriculum, Music, Games, Videos, and more to churches around the world. highvoltage-kids.com

Brian has had the privilege of speaking at many Kidmin Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, etc. He has a passion for passing on what God has enabled him to learn from his years of ministry and learning from other Kidmin Leaders! He is the author of “I Blew It!”, a Kidmin Leadership book that helps others avoid the biggest mistakes in Kids Ministry.
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