5 Marketing Strategies For Your Next Kids Event

  1. Give yourself plenty of time

    Giving yourself plenty of time to plan your strategy is an important first step and should not be overlooked. How much time depends on the size of the event and what time of the year it is going to be. If your event is in the summer or during the holidays, give yourself more time.

    TIP: If you are trying a new event for the first time, try to find someone who has done something similar and ask for ideas about planning.
  2. Decide what your goals are?

    What are you trying to accomplish with this event? How many attendees are you wanting? Who are you going to target? These are important questions that need to be addressed before you ever start to market anything. You should also write down these goals so you will be able to measure your success after the event.

    TIP: Use our S.M.A.R.T Goal Post for help in setting good reachable goals.
  3. Put a marketing team together

    Don’t try and do everything yourself. Give people certain roles based on their strengths. Have a person who is good with computers focus on social media. Have another person who is vocal and good at speaking be the one who makes an announcement from stage. Get a detail-driven person to help you with scheduling.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure everyone on the team is on the same page. Also, make sure everyone understands the goals you have for your event.
  4. Use the right marketing tool

    You are not going to market to young parents the same way you would Sr. Adults. And reaching kids will be different than reaching their parents. Remember to use the right tool for the job. Social Media and email are good tools for young parents and videos are great tools that you can use during your service to get kids excited about your event.

    TIP: See our post The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media to help you get the most out of your social media tools.
  5. Make a marketing timetable

    Write on a calendar what kind of marketing you are going to do at different points in time. For example, if your event is on June 23rd you could create a Facebook event on May 23rd, on June 6th do an in service video, on the June 13th do an announcement from stage in main service, and on the June 20th send an email reminder. Keep in mind this is just an example, your timetable should look a lot more in depth.

    REMEMBER: Social Media is your best friend in marketing.
    Check out our post 8 Best Times To Post On Social Media.


Ministry Event Infographic

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Phillip Aaron Wall
Phillip “Aaron” Wall has worked in marketing for 10 years. He has provided marketing services for the Georgia National Fair, Group One Automotive, Houston Healthcare, OrthoGeorgia, along with many other industries.
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