5 Fishing Tips For Catching Volunteers

Recruiting volunteers can seem a lot like going fishing, except when you arrive at the fishing hole, you find that every other ministry in the church is fishing too. Not only are the other ministries fishing but the best angler, the Pastor, has the best spot and using better bait! Add to that the fact that people value their personal and family time more than they once did.

I am 61 years old and I can remember when people would stand for hours just to sign up to volunteer. It was sort of like the time I went fishing and the fish jumped out of the water into the boat without bait or a pole. Yep, those were the days that never happened!

Engaging volunteers has always been an elusive art; however, it does not have to be the impossible dream either. You might not ever write a book on recruiting volunteers, but you can be successful in helping people become fisher of men, women, girls, and boys!

Be sure and add your own ideas and thoughts in the comments below.

Here’s my, “five” list to help you get started!



Phillip Wall Sr.
Phillip is a graduate of Southeastern University located in Lakeland, Florida. He has been an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God for more than thirty‐five years, which twenty of those years he served as a lead pastor in Georgia. In 1999, he began working in the Georgia Assemblies of God District office as the Church Ministries Director.

Since then Phillip has served as the Church Plant/Church Health Director and in 2009, he began serving as the Georgia Assemblies of God Secretary‐Treasurer. Phillip’s heart is to help the local church become healthy so that the church can have a God influence on its community.
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