4 Things To Remeber When Mentoring Boys Into Future Men

Recently a 4-year-old boy proudly shared his newfound revelation on life:

Girls are differenter than boys!

We all can smile at this often-played out scenario in children’s ministry. We can see the wheels turning as his young mind grapples with the revelation that the other gender not only looks and dresses differently but has different interests in toys, conversational topics, and play modes. Those differences, while influenced somewhat by society and culture, are innate in every gender from birth.

Many children’s ministries leaders know that incorporating learning styles and age-appropriate activities allow them to better disciple children. Research now bears out that when the gender of the child and the unique needs of that gender are factored into the programming and discipleship approaches by those ministries, they can have an even higher level of effectiveness.

While the needs of both genders are many and equally necessary, let’s look at the top four needs of that 4-year-old boy and how focusing on those needs through the lens of his gender can greatly increase the effectiveness of our discipleship to him.


This article is originally posted on kids.healthychurch.com

Karl Fleig
Karl S. Fleig serves as the national director of Royal Rangers. Prior to his present position, he served the Indiana District Council as the Christian Education and Men’s Ministries director for thirteen years. He has also pastored in Indiana, Illinois, and Texas. Karl and his wife, Cindy, have a daughter and two sons.



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